Send the perfect SMS survey in 5 steps

You probably know how efficient SMS marketing is. You may not know how to get started – and that’s okay.

One of the best ways to go at it is to do an SMS survey (that way, you’ll learn about your customers and SMS marketing at the same time). We’ll tell you how to do that in five steps down below.

1. Use a mobile-friendly format

You should know who the worst offenders in SMS marketing are: those who think SMS and emails work the same way. They don’t!

A perfect example are URLs. Don’t send customers a full-fledged link – because that will ruin the entire message. Use shortened URLs instead.

More importantly, keep your message simple and straightforward.

2. Keep it short and sweet

That’s right! You’ll write to people who are in a hurry. There’s no time to give long-winded explanations. Give a short pitch to people and you’ll make a profit.

And, look, it’s not like you have that much of a choice: an SMS has 160 characters tops. So make every word count.

3. Use an introduction-content-close pattern

Since you have 160 characters to make the most out of your message, you have to be efficient. And you need to stick to tried-and-tested methods.

The perfect message follows this pattern: introduction, main content, and a call to action.

There’s no need to explain why you need to include the main content – but an introduction is important (otherwise, people won’t read your texts), and so is a call to action (otherwise, people don’t know where to go next).

4. Add a little twist to your message

Sure, following a known pattern will help you get the most conversions. Bland messages and repetitive formulas won’t, though. The best way to balance formulas with originality is to add a little personality to your messages.

You can add a little brand personality to your message in multiple ways: jokes, a one-on-one conversation feeling, and more. It all depends on what you’re trying to pitch and how.

More formal brands should refrain from making jokes, the same way laid-back businesses shouldn’t be too formal with their customers.

5. Make it count

You can go wrong even if you do everything right. Make the most out of every message.

How are you going to do that? First, avoid spamming people. Although SMS marketing has a high success rate, some people will decline your offer. It happens.

Second, pay attention to the time. Sending SMS messages at 3 am won’t get you any results (for obvious reasons). Choose different hours if you’re not getting the results you want.