When You May Need Back Surgery

Perhaps you have been experiencing back pain for a long time. Now maybe you have not been able to get much relief from your regular doctor. As a result, maybe you are now considering a Los Angeles spine surgeon. A Los Angeles spine surgeon will inquire about your type of back pain before proceeding to immediately recommend surgery. A top quality spine surgeon realizes that there are various things that may be contributing to the type of back pain that you are experiencing.

Finding solutions

A top quality surgeon will try to find other solutions to relieve your back pain before recommending surgery right away. That is why you should be careful in selecting your Los Angeles spine surgeon. There are indeed qualified spine surgeons, but no spine surgeon should ever suggest spine surgery immediately without doing proper testing and without knowing your detailed medical history.

Spinal injections may be able to help you to get some relief from your back pain. Also, physical therapy can be a good way to achieve a substantial reduction in regard to the amount of pain in your back that you experience. Moreover, it is realized that physical therapy can help you to be more mobile. In addition, it is helpful to incorporate the usage of an anti-inflammatory medication due to the reality that inflammation is what can lead to severe back pain. But when the inflammation is addressed, this can help to produce relief from back pain.

Listen to recommendations

Be willing to listen to the recommendations of a top quality Los Angeles spine surgeon who may not offer you surgery right away. The surgeon does have your best interest in mind and truly does want to see your pain go away or become greatly reduced. When you follow the guidance of the surgeon, you may discover how well your back is getting.

When surgery is the only option

But if after you follow the guidance of the Los Angeles spine surgeon with still no relief in regard to your back pain, the surgeon will likely recommend back surgery that is done with care in order to try to provide you with relief from your back pain in an effort for you to be able to have a better quality of life. But do be mindful that back surgery is a serious procedure and it will be necessary for you to follow all the instructions of the surgeon in order to ensure that you recover from the back surgery well and as quickly as possible.